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About Me

The Recipe To Raina’s Life: Mixing Creativity, Consistency & Love 

With a passion for food and flair for business, Raina Josephs brings together the best of both worlds. The secret ingredient to her success? Creativity and consistency!

As such, Raina Josephs’ life is an exemplary model for those seeking inspiration. Throughout her life, she has grown incredibly as an individual and as a business person - there’s lots to explore and learn, so dig right in!

The Ingredients: What Sets Raina Apart

A mixture of unique characteristics is what makes Raina stand out from the crowd.

She is a trailblazer with a generous heart and an entrepreneurial spirit. Raina has a passion for food, loves her family, and is fond of creating cherishable memories.

With a business mindset and strong work ethic, she is devoted to her work - motivation and consistency are two ingredients resulting in her success!

All of these features are topped by her flamboyant personality that never fails to capture others’ attention while leaving them inspired and amazed.

Where It Begins

Raina’s roots are laid in Saint Andrew Jamaica, though she is now happily settled with her family of 6 in the suburbs of North Atlanta.

In the early years of her life, Raina’s family migrated to the United States. Not long after, her family opened up a Jamaican restaurant(Irie Cafe) and trucking business(Irie Trucking) in Marietta, Georgia.

Working alongside them at a young age placed a strong work ethic within her.  More than anything, it set the stage for her love for food, trucking, and family. She instinctively knew that food meant family and memories.

Raina also reflected her vibrant personality in her high school. She was a natural - and very competitive - athlete, breaking records and laying the groundwork for growth in the corporate arena.

The Next Steps …

After attending college for a few years, Raina decided to pursue a sales position with AT&T.

After receiving the position (and despite being several months pregnant with her second child!), Raina went on to excel in sales and in corporate America becoming one of AT&T nationwide top sales associate. She clearly knew that she needed to push herself out of her comfort zone to get somewhere in life.

This opportunity allowed her to learn more about business, systems, and processes, which ultimately aided her future success.

As she grew in the corporate sector, she also bloomed in her other entrepreneurial endeavors. Raina went on to pursue a business in real estate and trucking and logistics with her family.

There’s Always Room For A Sprinkle Of Passion

Money is important, but so is passion. And Raina always knew that. With her creativity and generous spirit, she could not escape her love for food.

And so, Raina started off by casually and playfully posting her recipes and cooking videos on social media. But the love she dissolved into her work made things pick up speed rapidly, and her fun social media posts turned into a phenomenon sooner than she knew.

The Final Product- Oh, Yum!

As a result of her undying passion and persistence, Raina has grown into a leader and influencer.

Today, she is a successful food blogger and famous social media personality, owns a towing and transport company, is a real estate investor, a registered appraiser and an Antique Dealer. 

Her efforts have also resulted in collaborations with Amazon, Omega Juicer, Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning, Ben’s Original, Kroger’s and with many more national collaborations in the making.

Have A Bite!

Raina’s biography is self-explanatory - the right mindset takes you places!

To get a virtual taste of Raina’s work and stay updated with her food adventures, follow Raina @therainaskitchen on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and drop by her YouTube channel. Also, on Amazon, www.amazon.com/shop/therainaskitchen to shop her personal kitchen styles, everyday essential products and her favorite kitchen tools. All the full details, are right here on her website The Raina’s Kitchen

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